1 in 5 Out Nickel Plated Distribution Block - ADB10-10248

1 in 5 Out Nickel Plated Distribution Block - ADB10-10248

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Superior Connectivity

The ADB10-10248 has got all main power gauges covered for an audio system, from 10 - 0 gauge this distribution block has it all. This is a must have if you need to distribute power or ground to multiple sources, distribution blocks are mainly used to split into multiple amplifiers or adding additional power like a capacitor.

Using a distribution block for grounding multiple amplifiers or power storage units is a MUST DO to create a central ground for the audio system and eliminate the possibility of creating a ground loop. Ground loops is one of the single biggest culprit which introduces interference commonly known as humming or whine.

  • FLEX Connection 5-Way Distribution Block also can be used to Combine the Ground Wires of Multiple Amplifiers to a Single Grounding Point.
  • 1 x 0/2GA IN, 1 x 0/2GA + 2 x 4GA + 2 x 8/10GA OUT: Input accepts 0/2 gauge wire, Outputs accepts 0/2/4/8/10 gauge wire, Make wiring your system easier with a quality distribution block
  • Distribution Gauge Ports are Recessed to accommodate Outer Shielding to assist that wire strans are not exposed
  • 5 Way Connection ideal for multiple amplifier systems, nickel plated to prevent the possibility of corrosion, rust, oxidation
  • Screw-on impact resistant clear acrylic cover to protect from short circuit and prevents cover from being able to be jarred off by foreign objects or vibration