Alphasonik AAK0G Premium 0-Gauge Complete Car Amplifier Installation Kit

Alphasonik AAK0G Premium 0-Gauge Complete Car Amplifier Installation Kit

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If you're looking for a true amp wiring kit, Alphasonik is proud to introduce the AAK Single Amplifier Wiring Installation Kit. This package includes everything you'll need, including speaker wire, to get your amp powered-up properly and running at its peak efficiency. Unlike other brands in the market that only try to meet standard minimums, the Alphasonik wires have exceeded AWG (American Wire Gauge) standard; ensuring premium sound quality for any sound you choose. Very often consumers sacrifice the full capacity of their amplifier by buying generic amp kits. What most don't realize is that the quality of the wire and cable is what determines the current generated from the battery to the amplifier. Don't be that guy. Alphasonik's amplifier kits provide you with everything you need to install an amplifier into any system and helps deliver the power you need to drive your music to the highest level possible. Alphasonik's Competition Grade amp kits feature 100% Oxygen-Free, copper stranding. With maximum noise rejection cables, minimum signal loss, competition performance, reliability and show quality appearance, you know your music will sound the way it's supposed to. Our Element certified Hyper-Flex conductor hinders electric current from exiting the wire prematurely which prevents electrocution and damage to components within the vehicle. Additionally, the Element Certified insulation maintains the flexibility of the wire while preventing corrosion and damage in the hostile vehicle environment. This Element Certification consists of numerous rigorous testing performed in laboratory environment with state of the art equipment to ensure the product will withstand the most extreme conditions in every environment and under all elements such as heat, moisture, and others.