Alphasonik AS2629P 6.5" 350W 3-Way + 6X9" 500W 3-Way Car Audio Coaxial Speakers

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Tired of looking around for the best speakers to match your desired car audio sound? Maybe you found a strong pair of 6x9" but no luck for 6.5”? Or vice versa? Look no further! The Alphasonik AS2629P brings you the best of both worlds with unmatched quality and professionalism. Crank up the music and enjoy the ride with this Alphasonik Speaker Bundle.

This speaker package includes two 6.5" speakers and two 6"x 9" speakers that offer exceptional sound and clarity, so your music always hits the right notes. The 6.5” full range speakers are rated at 35 Watts RMS and the 6x9” are rated at 50 Watts RMS. These speakers are designed for a new generation of factory replacement speakers.

All speakers are equipped with universal mounting holes for easy installation in almost any vehicle. The polypropylene speaker cones and the polyetherimide tweeters are designed to withstand loud volumes and keep a crisp and clear sound without distortion. All speakers come with a new enhanced spider and ferrite magnet as well as included grilles for each speaker.

The power of these speakers exceeds most industry brand name capabilities. At 350 Watts for the 6.5” and 500 Watts for the 6x9”, you can feel confident that no matter what amplifier you pair this with, these speakers won’t let you down! Upgrade the sound in your car with the Alphasonik AS2629P speaker system for a rich listening experience anywhere you go.