Alphasonik Universal Multi-Directional Professional Handheld Microphone

Alphasonik Universal Multi-Directional Professional Handheld Microphone

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This Alphasonik Microphone is a high quality dynamic on-stage and studio microphone. Its durable steel mesh grill construction provides durability, has super lightweight design, and stylish look, without sacrificing vocal clarity. The multi-directional design provides lower gain to feedback ratio, slower feedback buildup, smooth and even off-axis coloration, very low sensitivity to wind, handling, and pop noises, low distortion, and no proximity effect. This mic features a high signal output that makes your voice cut through, and ultra-low distortion provides for super-clean sound.  Translation: it makes your voice sound great. The moving coil design makes this microphone built like a loudspeaker. When sound waves hit the microphone, the membrane moves to the rhythm of the sound waves, and the coil on its back moves along with it. The package includes 10 foot XLR to ¼ inch jack cable which not only powers (no batteries required) the microphone, but also, makes it very compatible to various mixers, speakers, and karaoke machines. Alphasonik professional grade dynamic microphone with detachable cord conforms to all standard players and is a cost effective solution for additional microphone on hand. If you are a serious musician, a DJ or an all-around entertainer, this is definitely the mic for you. Features: Professional Multi-Directional Moving Coil Dynamic Wired Microphone Detachable Cord for Storage Comfortability No Batteries Required - Powered by the Supplied Cord Built for Professional On-Stage or Studio Use Perfect Accessory for Any Karaoke System XLR Input / 1/4" Output Plugs Result in High Sound Quality On / Off Switch for On-Stage Control Cartridge Includes a Neodymium Magnet for High Output Level Internal Shock Absorber Reduces Handling Noise Integral Shock Filter Helps Reduce Sudden Breath Sounds, Wind & Offstage Noise Output Impedance: 300 Ohms Frequency Response: 60Hz - 15,000Hz Sensitivity: 94dB