Alphasonik AKDJ105BTS 10" Powered 1600W PRO DJ Amplified Loud Speaker

Alphasonik AKDJ105BTS 10" Powered 1600W PRO DJ Amplified Loud Speaker

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The impressive Alphasonik ALPHABASS DJ speaker system could be described as the new standard in affordable PRO Sound audio. You'll be amazed on how loud these speakers will sound and the amount of bass they can reproduce.

The output capability of these systems makes them suitable for small to large events such as DJ gigs, home parties, outdoor gatherings, speeches, back yard BBQ and many more.

Go bigger by getting 2 of these speakers or even more and connecting them by using a XLR cable (NOT INCLUDED).

The variety of connections such Bluetooth, AUX, USB and more gives you the flexibility of using a multitude of audio sources (Compatible with every Bluetooth device such as iPhone, Android and tablets).

Use the included microphone to throw a karaoke party right in your living room or in your back yard - using your phone, tablet or even connecting it to your TV.

Is your party lacking lighting effects? Alphasonik has you covered - the built-in LED lights will glow to the beat of the bass - the louder the bass the brighter your LED's will glow! Use the LED switch on the back of the unit to turn the LED's on or off.

Reach further and spread your music even more - use the included adjustable 6 Ft. tripod stand to securely mount your speaker indoors or outdoors.

Entertain your guests by playing your own electric guitar - just plug, play and rock on!

These Alphasonik speaker systems come with everything you need to get going and be the star of every party or event!

Contents Included:

1 Speaker
1 Tripod Stand
1 Microphone (Wire Included)
1 Wireless Remote Control
1 Power Plug Adapter
1 User Manual