Alphasonik Mayhem M915BT Powered PRO DJ Speaker with Bluetooth

Alphasonik Mayhem M915BT Powered PRO DJ Speaker with Bluetooth

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The Mayhem Portable DJ Speaker series offers professional audio quality, precision control, and robust, Alpha-engineered components in an ultra-lightweight package - a truly potent blend of performance and portability. Get the smooth clarity of the Alphasonik sound in the right size to suit your needs: with 12-inch and 15-inch two-way models, Mayhem is a flexible, feature-rich choice for DJs, mobile entertainers, bands, and musicians. With new technological advances and proprietary features, this new Mayhem family portable DJ speaker is one of a kind. There is NO other speaker in the market that provides the powerful and clean bass that the Mayhem family has. In order to achieve this, engineers have developed a digitally optimized amplifier to handle the specific measurements of the output this speaker can produce. The amplifier was designed using the highest quality components to achieve the sound quality you would only expect from elite speakers. The ability of the amplifier led to the meticulous design of the Mayhem family tweeter and subwoofer high output drivers. The Alpha-Bass technology incorporated in the Mayhem speaker family, allows the speaker to produce an intense amount of bass. Also, since the digital amplifier produces no heat, it prevents unwanted distortions and makes it possible to use the speaker for hours without worrying about it overheating. Speaking of distortion, the Alpha-Tough designed cabinet is engineered to withstand intense amounts of vibrations and loud volumes to aid in the power the amplifier provides. The enclosure is made of pure non-recycled materials and is guaranteed to last ages. Mounting options are available for any wall situation or pole mount and floor wedge. Along with these mounting options, also comes the ability to plug in any way you digitally want! With connections such as Bluetooth, USB, Aux, XLR, Mic, and RCA, the 5 band graphic equalizer lets you customize your sound to your sonic desire.