Alphasonik ReaktorOne Battery Powered Portable Party Speaker Box Alpha Bass Bluetooth Mic and Guitar Inputs Phone Charger USB Player AUX App Control


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Ever thought about how a speaker could pack a punch? Well, the all new Alphasonik Reaktor One Portable speaker will definitely rid of any doubts you ever had. Rated at 100W Max and 250 RMS, this lightweight speaker is dominating the heavy weight bouts. Not only is it your standard Bluetooth and Aux portable battery powered lightweight speaker, but it also has Guitar input, Microphone input, phone charging USB port and USB MP3 port for up to 64GB of music. Aside from the functionality, the sound of this mesmerizing speaker is incredible! The Alphasonik application available on Google Play and Apple Store allows you to choose preset equalizer settings and even customize it to your own. And as if that wasn’t enough to convince you, the simple execution of the AlphaBass button adds a boost that you’ll love and the neighbors will notice. The Alphasonik app also has the ability to change, manipulate, and set the lighting show to your own personal preferred settings. The RGB LED strips that surround each of the two 6.5” speakers inside come with complete color capability. Imagine every single color of the rainbow, at your disposal, for your party, in the pattern you pick. That’s crazy, right? But a lot more fun than you might think. The fact that this speaker only weighs 16 pounds lets you take it anywhere your musical heart desires. You’re taking the portability of a simple Bluetooth speaker but the sounds of a DJ system. The exterior cabinet is also built AlphaTough with rugged and durable material made to be on the road. So lay this speaker flat or stand it up, but don’t forget to bring a source to the vibes that will make your whole party smile! Alphasonik has dedicated years of discovery and technology into something that will perform at such high expectations without you having to carry the weight. Let Alphasonik do that hard work for you. And since you’ll probably be having too much fun to remember to turn it off, the speaker turns off after 15 minutes of no use.