M2500.1D Monoblock Mayhem Series Amplifier

M2500.1D Monoblock Mayhem Series Amplifier

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Alphasonik M2500.1D Mayhem Series High-Performance 2500W RMS Class-D High Current Monoblock Amplifier - 1 Ohm Stable, High/Low-Level Input/Output, 4-Way Protection Circuitry, Bass Knob Included

Alphasonik is now introducing the all-new high-performance M2500.1D Car Amplifier from the Mayhem Series. This amplifier was engineered for those looking for superior power while also wanting a reliable long-lasting amplifier for their system. With its flexible crossover controls and low distortion level, the Mayhem Series M5000.1D delivers world-class high-performance audio. It also comes packed with features like the Military Spe Double-Sided Glass Epoxy FR4 Circuit board, 4-Way Protection circuitry, and nickel-plated terminal blocks for secure connection and maximum current flow.

  • MAYHEM SERIES AMPLIFIERS: Alphasonik introduces the all-new High-Performance Mayhem Series amplifiers for those looking for extreme power in their audio system. It's the perfect choice for anyone looking for an intense, high-quality, distortion-free listening experience.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: With an impressive 2500 Watts RMS, 1-Ohm,2-Ohm, and 4-Ohm Stable while also having a distortion level lower than 0.05%, the M2500.1D ensures you will get the most out of your sound system.
  • FEATURES: The M2500.1D amplifier comes packed with powerful features for a longer-lasting audio system. Some features like the 4-Way Protection Circuitry, Military Spe Double-Sided Glass Epoxy FR4 Circuit Board, and nickel-plated terminal blocks for a secure and high power current flow.
  • SPECS: Engineered with advanced technology, this amplifier provides superior sound clarity and an impressive wattage output. The M2500.1D has a frequency response of 10Hz - 300Hz, and a variable subsonic filter of 10Hz - 50Hz for a high-quality sound with distortion-free performance. The low-level inputs, output, and low pass crossover (40Hz - 300Hz) provide precise control.
  • DIMENSIONS: 8.58" x 13.78” x 2.60” (218mm x 350mm x 66mm)